By The Way

An excerpt from By The Way

Chapter 9


I hate injections. The thought of a needle piercing skin, anyone's skin, gives me the shudders. I look away when television News items show queues of children being injected. I despise heartless photo-journalists who zoom in on the needle going into the arm of an unsuspecting little child. OK, 'despise' sounds harsh, but you get the idea; I don't like needles, so when I had to go to an eye specialist to have a cyst removed from my eyelid a few years ago, I was in mortal fear of the needle that would inevitably and inescapably be in full view as it approached my peeled back eyelid. Unexpectedly, an incident in the waiting room occupied my mind right before I was to undergo this torture.

Drops had been put in my eye and I was asked to sit in the waiting room while they took effect. As I leafed through a magazine, I became conscious of a fairly loud conversation between a patient and the receptionist as he stood at her desk paying his bill. "Well, that's the way life goes," he was saying, "there's a time to be born and a time to die; a time to save, and a time to pay up... as it says in The Owl and the Pussycat." Surprised, I looked up and said spontaneously, "Sorry, but that’s not from The Owl and the Pussycat, it's from the Bible." The man turned and immediately replied, "The Bible? Never! My father quoted those words many times and he never, ever read the Bible."


"This book is honest, challenging and extremely encouraging, especially for Christian people who are scared of the word 'evangelism'!"

Robyn Claydon, Vice-Chair, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization

"I was engaged from the first page. Irene Voysey has an easy and enjoyable writing style. Her story is full of anecdotes that will bring joy, encouragement and occasionally tears."

Rev. Tim Foster, Director, Theological Education and Formation, Ridley College, Melbourne

"'Who should do it?' 'How?' and 'When?' are questions that have become barriers to sharing our faith. This book answers those and other questions by sharing the writer's personal experiences.  She defines opportunities and difficulties; offers practical hints; confesses inadequacies and presents confronting challenges. This is a readable, practical and very helpful book.  Most importantly, it affirms that sharing our faith is not only imperative but also possible - and that it is a joyful experience!"

Bruce Pearce, former General Secretary, the Bible Society of Australia

"It's exciting to see how the Lord has orchestrated opportunities for the author, and how she has used those opportunities. I could feel my own confidence growing as I read!"

Cecily Jackson, President, CWCI (Australia)

"Irene draws on a wealth of experience in dynamic living: “mission in her own back yard”. It is humbling and inspiring to read my friend’s matter of fact sharing of Jesus and the gospel – a must read!"

Ridley Smith, former Chairman, Scripture Union

"Irene clearly shows the way the Holy Spirit can use and inspire any of us in the process of leading people out of darkness into His marvellous light. Her passion for Christ, honesty and transparency are evident from cover to cover. Readers will be inspired by her stories, accompanied by relevant Scriptures, and like Irene, be alert, and ready to live out the clear commission of the Lord Jesus: Make disciples of all people everywhere."

Tom H Treseder, Founder, MegaVoice International

"I wish I’d had this book in my hands 50 years ago! I believe it will be a stimulus to many, and the church will be built up as `ordinary’ believers are motivated to share the joy of their salvation."

Rev. Neville Cave, Cootamundra, NSW

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