River Reflections

An excerpt from River Reflections

An hour from concrete flow of city, blocking sky,
there is a softer, liquid world, unblocked,
framed solely by the human eye.
This too is cosmopolitan:
feathered, distinctive, different residents.
Some from distant countries, they will leave again,
migrants always chasing seasons.
Others know no other place,
from time forgotten, by decree divine, this is home.
This is the gentler world we share with them.

About the Author:

Irene Voysey is a freelance writer who has written numerous articles and short stories, one of which won recognition by the Australian Religious Press Association (ARPA). She was the editor of the Bible Society in Australia’s national magazine for ten years. This is her fourth book. The first, House-plants for Asian Homes, was published in Hong Kong by the South China Morning Post; the second was By The Way, an autobiographical book addressing the question of evangelism. Then came her first book of poetry: River Reflections. Her latest book called On the way... is a collection of short stories.

About the Illustrator:

Rose Bickley is a well known Central Coast (New South Wales) artist and member of the Central Coast Art Society. For many years she has been a tutor for Adult Education, teaching Floral Art and Craft Classes. Her work extends to oils, pen and wash, and pressed flower designs.

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