Naming God

"This book is simply riveting! It highlights the fundamental importance of correctly translating the concept of “God” - which is indeed of foundational importance, both for a right understanding of God’s wholly unique character and person, and also for a God-honouring evangelistic methodology.

The meticulous descriptions of the twists and turns in the history of this hugely important struggle should serve as both a valuable guide and also a warning for those considering moving into the ministry of Bible translation.

I was privileged to serve with a number of my colleagues at Sydney Missionary and Bible College who were championing the fundamental importance of contextualising the Gospel in the training programs for missionary field candidates. Such contextualisation emphasized the importance of both understanding the culture of the target people, and gaining some proficiency in the language of such people before venturing out to the field.

This book should serve as compulsory reading for all current and prospective theological and missionary candidates, and not only for those training for missionary field service."

- Stephen D Renn, Editor of the Expository Dictionary of Bible Words; Lecturer Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew, and Dean of Studies 1986 - 2001 at the Sydney Missionary and Bible College.

"The translation of the Bible into Mongolian is an extraordinary story. I have prayerfully followed the development of this ministry at a distance over nearly 40 years - since John Gibbens’ time in communist Mongolia. What a story of tenacity, courage, human frailties, broken relationships, cultural insensitivity, and o en the breaking of many basic missiological principles. is is a cautionary tale written with warts and all, but yet with a desire for accuracy and honour for God’s name. May it stimulate prayer for the triumph of God’s Word in that land, and provide instruction for a new generation of Bible translators."

- Patrick Johnstone, Author Emeritus, Operation World.

"As a documentary this book is careful, balanced and well-documented. As a story it is great narrative; with all the tension, heroes and villains that make a story compelling. Naming God also functions as a textbook for those wanting to become missionaries, highlighting the dangers and challenges, as well as some of the key issues in translation and cross-cultural communication. But beneath that is a tragic account of Christians behaving badly. It serves as a sober warning of the profound damage to the gospel that comes from pride and ego."

- Rev. Dr. Tim Foster, Vice Principal, Ridley College, Melbourne, Australia

"The Spirit of God has given the universal church a precious gift in this book. It is my prayer that the unbelievable story it unfolds will be required reading for church and mission leaders worldwide who are training/sending missionaries and recruits for Bible translation into unreached languages and cultures. It will help them avoid the very real sin of syncretism. I urge you to pass this on to your Pastor and mission leaders."

- Ernie Pruitt, Beaverton Christian Church, Oregon USA; former missionary in Mongolia.

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On the way...

We are on our way somewhere every day. What happens on the way becomes the story of our lives.

After the crucifixion of Jesus, and the discovery by the two Marys that the tomb was empty, they were on their way to tell the disciples when the risen Christ met them. A little later, two of the disciples were on their way to Emmaus when Jesus met them.

You too may have met Him somewhere along your own way. The majority of stories in this book tell of deeds done by people who did not go their own way but chose to help others.

By The Way

"This book is honest, challenging and extremely encouraging, especially for Christian people who are scared of the word 'evangelism'!"

Robyn Claydon, Vice-Chair, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization

"'Who should do it?' 'How?' and 'When?' are questions that have become barriers to sharing our faith. This book answers those and other questions by sharing the writer's personal experiences. She defines opportunities and difficulties; offers practical hints; confesses inadequacies and presents confronting challenges. This is a readable, practical and very helpful book. Most importantly, it affirms that sharing our faith is not only imperative but also possible - and that it is a joyful experience!"

Bruce Pearce, former General Secretary, the Bible Society of Australia

River Reflections

"This is a beautifully designed, wonderfully illustrated, Scripturally apt, fascinating collection of poetic observations - wow!" Tom H Treseder, founder Megavoice International

"What a lovely, creative, thought-provoking collection. The watercolours are so right to illustrate the thoughts and impressions, and integrating Scripture into the journey will help any reader to see God in the present world." Debbie and Darren Yates, Blue Mountains, Sydney, Australia

"The watercolour sketches in your delightful book have captured the serenity of the river... we are also enjoying the insight and comparisons with our Creator as you show how to 'consider the birds...'" Joan and Keith Thompson, Sutherland Shire, Sydney, Australia


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